At last it starts again Ethno Bosnia & Herzegovina! Youth, ethno music, fresh spirit! The Peace flame house is again full of diversities, full of positive energy!

Welcome to Bosnia, welcome to Ethno Bosnia and Herzegovina!

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Ethno Fest BiH is a part of a larger movement spreading across the globe, with over 30 countries participating in a project aimed at youth, ages thirteen to thirty, with a mission of celebrating their global cultural heritage. Ethno is not your usual festival, it engages young people through a series of annual international music camps as well as workshops, concerts and tours, where musicians are working together, making friends and spreading songs around the World. Each camp is special and unique, why? Because each person is their own fairytale ready to be expressed through song, notes and dance. When one hundred new stories gather, friendship,love and sparks in energy are bound to appear. Ethno BiH has had several editions in the past, and is opening its doors again in 2021’, when in Tuzla from the 15th to 22nd of August it will host participants from each corner of the World, for a seven day journey around the universe of music. There are no boundaries, no stereotypes, no restrictions, just fun and unity. Share your time and music with new friends surrounded by a natural setting in the venue of ‘Kuća Plamena Mira’ which is our Ethno music and workshop home that is just beside a beautiful forest, nested between the Pannonian lakes and the city centre. Experience the best of both worlds – the urban charm of the Balkans as well as the peaceful comfort of nature – mixing to make a one-of-a-kind event where the songs do not end. It is full of great jams, workshops and concerts, bringing the Ethno vibe to the local community, exploring the cultural richness that Bosnia and Herzegovina has to offer. In these crazy fast times, Ethno will stop all clocks and create a time machine for anyone ready to fly with us! We are inviting you to read more about our Ethno at: and to apply for a great opportunity, that you don’t want to miss out on: